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Hervey Bay Squash Membership Rules

You can only become a members of Hervey Bay Squash Inc (HBS) after providing personal contact details and paying the associated fee.

A membership does not come into force until the fee is received by HBS or one of its authorised officials.

Payment can be made via direct bank transfer or cash or cheque.

Cash and cheque payments can only be paid to the Treasurer or the Membership Officer or their appointed representatives.

By becoming a Member of HBS you agree to the following:

  1. I will abide by the constitution, by-laws and regulations of HBS
  2. I am aware of the risks associated with playing Squash and agree that I do so at my own risk
  3. If playing in competitions under the auspices of HBS I will play according to the rules of Squash and
    • Be respectful to my opponent
    • Respect and follow the referees decisions
    • Conduct myself in a sportmanlike manner
  4. If playing as a representative of HBS I will conduct myself in a manner not injurious to the good name of HBS
    • Whilst on court
    • At all other times during representation
  5. I accept that HBS has the right to take appropriate action in cases where my conduct falls below these standards
  6. Unless I otherwise inform HBS in writing, I permit my image and name to appear on the club website and in public areas of the Squash courts (notice board etc)
  7. If a Junior player (under 19 year of age) I will wear protective eyewear whilst playing on court
  8. If a Junior player, I have sought and receieved permission from a parent or guardian to join HBS
  9. Whilst I recognise that, when advised, HBS makes every effort to take into account dietary requirements of those individual members when providing snacks and suppers, I am wholly responsible for my food choices

Whilst not compulsory for adults, HBS recommends that all players wear protective eyewear. Whilst eye injuries are not common, injuries, when they occur can be very serious, including causing blindness.

Protective eyewear, when worn properly, dramatically reduces that risk.

As part of the HBS membership, a insurance policy is provided which could cover out of pocket medical expenses and other benefits, up to a specified limit in certain circumstances.

This policy is in force when playing Squash. It is not a public liability policy, nor is it a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all expenses incurred if injured whilst playing.

If a member wants to be more fully covered, they need to make their own enquiries and purchase an appropriate insurance policy for themselves.

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